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Pet Photography

Pets are like little people.  Some like to be photographed and will go through much effort to pose, others simply don’t care for it at all and will look away just when you are ready to click.  It takes patience, skill and a little luck to get the perfect “smile” that you love so much.  “Luck?” you say “… but you are a professional photographer.”  Yes, but some pets tend to be all over the place.  This is where patience comes in handy.  In order to get their attention I bring along all sorts of squeaky toys.  This reminds me of the story of Elvis a little beagle mix.  He saw the toy and would not move away.  Once I got my image I gave it to him.  Elvis disappeared with the toy and a day later I was told by his owner that he hid it under the bed and would not come out from there for the entire afternoon.  Her comment was: “Elvis, you know, loves his toys and is very possessive about them and he really liked this one.”

By now I went through dozens of toys.  There are many little and fun Elvis’ that do just about anything for the reward. It is an honor and great fun to photograph pets.  Think about a life size image on a wrap around canvas over the sofa, or a framed metallic print etc.  One owner told me…  “… every time I look at the image of my cat  it calms me down and gives me a real peaceful and calm feeling…” 




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