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About the Artist- Caroline Blöchlinger

Born and raised in Switzerland, I found my way to Amelia Island with a 25 year stopover in Miami, Florida.   There I graduated with a B.A. from F.I.U. and went on a journey in direct marketing.  I was repetitively told that I had a great eye and a talent in photography, marketing and graphic design. In 2002 I moved to Amelia Island, Florida and decided to start CB Advertising Services, Inc.  and Studio CB Photography.

Photography was always an important part of my life.  From the moment I picked up my first camera at the age of 15, I was fascinated by the beauty that can be captured with that small view finder.  I love shooting special moments in the perfect light and translate them into art.  There is beauty everywhere!  An amazing and wonderful energy takes over once I pick up the camera.  In event photography I have been referred to as a hunter and I have to admit this is correct.  I hunt for special moments and beautiful images often in a photo journalistic style.   When taking portraits I like to have fun.  We laugh a lot, which I feel is essential for a great portrait shot.

Once the images are captured I get to relive all the moments.  Now it is time to analyze each photo and bring out the best in each image.  Stories start to develop; photo stories that are told in a beautifully laid out album, a photomontage that brings the moments back to life accompanied with just the right music or that single photo that says it all.  This is where the actual artistry comes to shine.  Take a moment to look around in the galleries to get an idea of my work. 

My passion is to create beautiful images that please the eye; images that capture your dreams! 


Caroline Blochlinger Photographer
                            Caroline Blöchlinger 
                                 Photographer, Designer

About the Studio

Studio CB Photography is an entity of CB Advertising Services, Inc. The company is located on beautiful Amelia Island Florida and is passionate to capture Your Dreams.

We are constantly inspired by the beauty that surrounds us which helps our photography become better and better.  We specialize in portraiture, event photography, pet photography, nature/art photography, just to mention a few.

We believe in superior customer service and are willing to take extra steps to provide you with exactly what you are looking for in an image.  Whether it is for a private affair or business we strive to make everyone look better than good.


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