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Wedding & Event Photography <go to event samples...>

Hiring the right photographer for your wedding or special event is an important task.

As someone put it quite recently: "... it took so much time and money to prepare for this magical moment and then.... it went by so fast...." This is why you want to hire a professional. You want to make sure that the images justify all the hard work that was put into the preparation and that these labors of love may be enjoyed for many years to come.  Plus, we are certain that you‘ll want to catch up on things you missed after the party.

But, Uncle Charlie, you think, just got a new fancy camera and would be more than willing to take the photos at the wedding and he doesn’t  charge...

Well, maybe not, and here are a few reasons why:
Uncle Charlie just got the camera and doesn’t quite understand yet how it works;  Uncle Charlie may not have seen his long lost cousin and keeps on talking with her while all the important moments are ignored; Uncle Charlie likes to be part of the toast and loves to dance and accidentally drops his camera …. oops all your important moments could be lost; At the end of your special day Uncle Charlie proudly hands over the CD with the images of the wedding.  How are you going to share these with all your guests and friends? Do you have time to invest to go through all the images? What if the images are over or underexposed and of inferior quality? Will you have the time to create a nice album? .... or is this CD going to end up in the drawer of forgotten images with the idea that as soon as you'll have time you will do something with it..... 

Don’t make Uncle Charlie a "working” guest.  Things happen very fast and are unpredictable on every special event, will Charlie be able to keep up?  So, why not let Uncle Charlie and the other guests celebrate and enjoy your special day?

Professional photographers are constantly going through training sessions, in order to keep up with technology and new products.  As artists, we can advice you in the creation of beautiful leather bound album, maybe with a modern acrylic or brushed metal cover. Putting your favorite image on an oversized  wrap around canvas that would be perfect to hang over your sofa or on top of the fireplace. <more ideas..>


Why choose Studio CB Photography?

  • You are not just hiring any photographer, you commission an artist who is a professional  that you can trust to help make your event the best ever.

  • Typically, your images will be on-line within 7 working days from the date of your special day.  You can pick your favorites and share them with friends and family all over the world.  Your photos are password protected unless you instruct us otherwise.

  • Your images can be prepared for the social media if requested.  Throughout this site you have been enjoying our YouTube clip samples. For longer presentations we prepare DVD's that can be played on your computer and/or Television.

  • We like to attend your rehearsals so we know exactly where to be on your special day.

  • We can always be reached and are happy to answer all your questions. With our expertise we may even be able to advice you on what worked for other couples.

  • We are everywhere on the day of your event. Yes, we like to show up early so we won't miss any part of the action.

  • We are insured, which today is important since many venues request liability insurance.

  • We always carry back-up equipment just in case.

  • We are highly trained and are up-to date to the latest trends in the market.

  • We are members of the PPSNF (Professional Photographers Society of North Florida). This assures you that in the unlikely event we cannot be there that we will always have you covered with a highly professional back-up photographer.


Remember, the flowers will have wilted, the cake will be eaten, the party will be over… but your images last forever. Priceless...


Other Events

Of course weddings are not the only important events around. How about birthdays, family gatherings, public events etc. Following is a photomontage which captures the Amelia Challenge (AC2011) a yearly event that combines sportive and intellectual challenges.

    Enjoy the following photomontage of the 2011 Northeast Florida Builders Association's holiday party hosted by John and Ann Myers and sponsored by Rogers | Towers.  

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