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Commercial and Stock Photography

Pictures speak a thousand words... Advertisers have known this for a long time. Advertising proves to us over and over that a well presented photograph sells products. We can give a happy or a sad impression with a properly chosen image. Imagine a strictly text based brochure vs. a brochure that combines exciting images. Which do you think you would remember?

Not too long ago we were approached by an owner of a house. He asked us to photograph the interior & exterior so his house could be put on the market, both on-line and via a brochures. After we presented the proof book to him he was amazed what proper lighting could do. He did not wait long to show the photos to his realtor who replied, "Wow... finally some decent photos that I can work with".

Needles to say this realtor is one of our clients today.

We hope you enjoy the small video sample of our work.


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