From Board Games to Angry Birds…

Love Chess.... but, it looks like the queen did not get up from her beauty sleep. So I guess, since I am white I'll stand in for her this time.

Is it just me or does it seem that computer games tend to be more violent than traditional board games? I tried to find out about the top board games and there are many different opinions out there in the cyber world. Several sources seem to agree and mention these in the top 10 list; Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Clue and Scrabble.  Of course when it gets to computer games there seem to be lots of guns and knives involved. Life is good in the world of computer games. You may get shot, kicked, fall off a cliff and other obstacles and if you lose your life, oh well, you probably have another 3 or 4 to go.  All of that with lots of violent graphics and some wild sound in the background. I wonder if the players understand that the concept of killing. In reality it is a pretty permanent thing, plus it comes with live long consequences.  Hey not that I care, my plastic body can handle more than humans.  You could kick me, shove me around, drop me; I don’t think you’d get far using a knife or gun, etc.  BUT don’t get any ideas here, I definitely will not appreciate it nor would I be your friend.  Even if I am cold I still am a very peaceful and passionate being.  This is just to set the record straight.

Well, back to the games. There are actually some pretty cool computer games or I guess these are now called game apps many for your mobile devices.  They seem to be challenging and encourage problem solving.  We ran into a report not too long ago that claimed that computer games can make you smarter or as some like to say keep your gray cells going.  Not only that, the military, for example, encourages gamers since they already come with a pretty good training on how to use a joy stick and gaming applications.  Think about it instead of make-believe guns the kids get to shoot real ones and be extremely good at it since they practiced since they were 5.  It is their second nature…

Not a board or computer game but a people's game; Petanque. At least this pig is not getting killed just severely bumped. More power to plastic...

Caroline, for example, likes to play “Angry Birds” after a long day.  She says this is so stupid that it is fun. However, I can see that she often has to stop because, well, she seems to take the word “angry” to heart.  Yes, it can make you angry when you cannot “kill” all the pigs and lose your birds in the process.  For the ones that don’t know what this game is all about the story goes that once upon a time the birds were happy bunches and worked on their families.  They laid lots of eggs.  Unfortunately, the pigs stole them and ate them.  Now the birds are angry and feel they need to attack and kill the pigs. Ironically, I think, there are more birds getting killed in the process. These birds don’t seem to be that smart but very revengeful.

Nope, I am not playing that game because I don’t believe in revenge I believe in getting even.

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