Is it the car that has an attitude or is it the reflection of the owner?

As we were recently cruising down the highway toward Miami, Caroline and I started to wonder.  It used to be that we were passed by cars that were going fast but this time many did not only go fast but also tried to dominate the road simply by their looks. Did you notice that the newer generations of cars actually gives you the impression that they are better than the rest?  Well, check your rear mirror.  First of all it seems that newer cars always have their lights on.  Some are actually pretty interesting to look at.  Check out the day-lights from the new Lexus and Audi for example.  It almost appears these cars wear a white eye liner under their front light bulbs. Their message to other drivers seems to be simple, don’t fool with me I am the king of the road… 

Car owners more than ever seem to want to show attitude on the road, which is not possible through tinted windows, therefore it needs to be done via the looks of the vehicle.  A while back Caroline was fascinated by the studies of the psychologist, Clotaire Rapaille.  He has some interesting marketing ideas which he categorizes as “Reptilian Marketing”.  Manufacturers of the Fortune 500 pay him mega Dollars so he can advise them on how to improve to sell their goods. For example, it is our understanding that a few years ago the Jeep Wrangler went through a major redesign.  Apparently sales dropped when this model introduced rectangular front lights.  Monsieur Repaille concluded that the front lights of the vehicle represent the eyes and people tend to relate to that.  He advised Jeep to go back to the previous look of the round lights. Guess what… Monsieur Repaille was correct because sales of the Jeep Wrangler increased that year.  Still today that model sports round lights /eyes. <learn more about Clotaire Rapaille>  

Our car has attitude as well.

This is Chico our car. Since we drive this one nobody has honked at us. Yeah, I trust Chico, no one wants to fool with him.

It is actually quite fascinating how humans are manipulated by today’s market research.  Let’s face it, whether you like it or not, you guys are pack animals that follow a leader and have very similar behaviors (remember I am just a plastic body that very heavily depends on my human).  Thanks to the scientists and mathematicians Target, for example, figured out a way to know when someone is pregnant, even before the family.  All this and more just by the individual’s purchasing patterns … and you thought you were special. 

Well, as far as I am concerned I think I will have to go to these outfits to find out what makes me tick.  It is always good when you can relay on your neighbors, your friends, your stores to find out what you are up to next. What more can I say, Life is great!

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