Switzerland…. here we come!

Finally we arrived very early in the morning at Airport Kloten in Zurich, Switzerland… our final destination.  Arriving there feels a little like being part of a science fiction movie.  Imagine, a huge hall with two three  story high escalators, one on one side of the room and another one on the other side.  It seems that all the U.S. flights land at about the same time so there are masses of people traveling down these escalators to get to the transfer rail that will bring you to the baggage and customs areas. Once you are eased into the compartment of the rail you are welcomed by a male voice informing you that you should hold on to the poles followed by the sound of cows and an ‘Alphorn’ playing.  The ride and this entertainment only last about 2 minutes which also includes some Swiss Yodeling.  I guess this is the first impression for many travelers of Switzerland or maybe this is designed to calm down the passengers before they are eased in a very orderly Swiss fashion to the next step… the baggage pick up.


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