Hello World… Jacksonville, FL needs direct flights to Europe!

Hurray.. Caroline got a destination assignment and she decided to take me along to this adventure.  On this 7 day adventure we traveled very much and I even got to play in fresh snow and saw real mountains….  I bet you were wondering where we were since you had not heard from us in a while.

Should have brought my ball. I could have played some basketball while we are waiting...

 Let’s start at the beginning….

 We started out very early in the morning to get to the airport in Jacksonville, Florida to travel to Zurich, Switzerland.  We had a stopover in Atlanta which was a little long but ok.  We always know how to amuse ourselves and there is always something fascinating about airports. 

In comparison, Jacksonville is just a little airport. There were only a few people, mostly business travelers when we arrived around 8 am.  The airport which saw major renovations and additions in the last few years sports grand transfer rooms with large surround windows. Unfortunately it was dark and it rained. Caroline feels that this airport is nice and very easy to navigate.  After checking our bag in we directly steered toward the gate.  We really had no idea how security will work out and had some concerns since we were carrying a lot of photo equipment.   We read lots of horror stories about airport security but we soon found out that this was really not a great deal. We knew that this airport sported the latest in scanners which is always an interesting adventure.  Well, as you know my little plastic body never has any problems going through metal detectors and Caroline came well prepared.  She removed anything metal, even her watch, but then forgot to take off her eye glasses.  The scanner did not seem to have a problem with this and before we knew all our hand luggage, photo equipment and computer made it efford less through the check point. 

So why is this computer not showing our flight??? Is there anyone who could help???

We were very relieved that this process was that easy but now we had a lot of time to kill.  Our flight to Atlanta was scheduled for 10.36 am. This was my first time on a plane and this is pretty exciting… I could not wait to get on board. Unfortunately the flight was very full and I had to stay the entire flight to Atlanta in the bag.  Bummer… luckily we arrived on time. Not long ago Caroline was mentioning that she really would enjoy flying directly from Jacksonville to Europe.  A direct flight to Zurich would only take 8-9 hours compared to our travel time through Atlanta which was around 15 hours and 9 minutes.  We hope that the campaign of the Jacksonville airport to attract some international airlines turns out to be successful.  Lufthansa, British Air, Air France, Swiss, KLM…  Jacksonville is a great place to embark from and we know a lot of people who would be very interested, so please come here soon.

Oh well, so we had to wait 5 hours in Atlanta for the connecting flight to Europe which actually turned out not to be the worst thing. 

(to be continued…)

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