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Last Wednesday Caroline and I were invited by the Nassau County Economic Development Board to a presentation given by John Delaney, president of UNF. I did not really know who John Delaney was but Caroline knew all sorts of things about him.  Look… I am still young and I am just starting out.  At any rate, I was looking forward to going and was very happy we got an invitation.  Hey… I always am looking forward to go on an adventure especially since this presentation was given at the Oyster Bay Yacht Club. That is a very nice spot that has lots to offer.  I was a little surprised that many of the attendees never were at this beautiful yet hidden place.  Granted, it is a bit challenging to get through the gate and then to navigate the curvy road that ends up being a 2 way street but looks like one of these narrow mountain roads in Europe.  Did I say mountain… hmm yes, we are in Florida and there are no mountains.  Well a few, but this is another story.

Noelle from the Nassau County Economic Develpment Board is so nice... I think I am in love.

Back to the “Evening with John Delaney”, we arrived there without getting lost and as usual entered the backdoor. Seems to be a habit, but people generally don’t seem to mind.  After some mingling with some very important locals we all were treated to meet the speaker.  He made a lot of sense and reminded us that there are two top drivers to the economy; Agriculture and Tourism.  He continued to explain his utopia exercises which made lots of sense.  Some people call this type of exercise “best case/worst case scenarios” but the main idea is to aim high which is a good idea in any area.  We also were reminded that we should not wait with plans but make things happen. Very good advice.  He went on talking about UNF and its local impact and seemed to be proud that since the University of North Florida opened in the fall of 1972 that students have benefited from individualized attention and small class sizes. This allows closer interaction between students and professors. This seems to result in high-achieving students that are sought for by all sorts of national and international organizations.  Of course we cannot forget to mention that UNF is nationally known for their outstanding Jazz program.  But then we knew that since we have the annual Amelia Island Jazz Festival and instructors of the UNF Jazz program are part of the advisory board.

I enjoyed listening to John Delaney and found him a very wise well-spoken person.  Of course later on I also had fun since Caroline, as well as many others, got lost getting out of the labyrinth; Oyster Bay.  But then this is not really the worst place to get lost in.

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